Goodwill Shop.ru (Goodwill-shop.ru)

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Since 2012, Goodwill has been manufacturing and selling good fur coats, vests, hats, accessories from the best eco-fur. Our fur coats are a great alternative to animal fur. We use the most modern Finnish windproof insulation. Which allows not to freeze in our fur coats and in -35 degrees. We have representatives in many cities where you can see, try on, buy and order our fur coats.

Goodwill - beautiful, warm, fashionable and no animals were hurt!)  Goodwill is not just business for us. This is the way of life and thinking of a modern person. It is the goodwill of everyone who has made his choice for living alive.


Goodwill Shop.ru (Goodwill-shop.ru)

Goodwill Shop.ru (Goodwill-shop.ru)

The Goodwill company makes and sells products from artificial eco fur.

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