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1. Company

The New Wallet company is engaged in the production of functional accessories with the author's design of innovative material Tyvek, which was previously used in construction. Due to the unique properties of the material (subtlety, lightness, water resistance, environmental friendliness), together with a creative approach, we create products that not only solve everyday tasks of users, but also give a lot of positive emotions.

Taking the idea of ​​foreign colleagues as a basis, the New Wallet team changes the usual ideas about what a wallet, a passport cover and accessories as a whole can be.

New Wallet brand itself is from St. Petersburg.

2. Style direction;

New Wallet products are a bright mix of street culture, innovations, modern youth trends, illustrators from all over Russia and self-expression. Connoisseurs of the brand New Wallet - people who are interested in functional and practical things, not devoid of individuality. At the same time, New Wallet is also not stylistically tied to one brand, because styles of artists partners are quite different from each other. This is one of the key tasks - to give everyone the opportunity to find something in their products at New Wallet.

3. Used material

Tayvek (eng. Tyvek) is the trade name for a nonwoven fabric developed by DuPont (DuPont), under which comes a family of durable, long-lasting canvases made from 100% high density polyethylene (HDPE). The material is the second most recycled polymeric material in the world. Tyvek® microfiber is initially 25% composed of recycled materials and in turn can be recycled.

Tayvek - combines the characteristics of paper, film and fabric in one material, so it can be used in a variety of applications where strength, moisture resistance, vapor permeability, light weight, resistance to mechanical and chemical effects are required. In addition, tayvek does not emit a fibrous pile, is opaque and has a smooth surface.

Tyvek® fibers are also smooth and opaque. The pH of Tyvek® is neutral and non-toxic. Printing on it is made with environmentally friendly SGS certified inks. Research conducted by Bio Intelligence Service S.A.S. shows that as a result of using Tayvek throughout its life cycle, the load on the environment is significantly reduced. This is due to the fact that the material has a small weight compared with analogues and can be recycled.

4. Composition of things;

The products are made in St. Petersburg and are a sheet of Taiwek material, folded by hand using seamless origami technology. By production threads and other elements of sewing business are not used. Accordingly, there is nothing to tear, which ensures a long service life. Also, due to this, washing is provided in a conventional washing machine at 30 degrees. After all, sometimes you want to refresh the appearance of your wallet, for example) At the same time, the products remain functional throughout their use. If we talk about key characteristics, then for wallets it is:

• 2 large compartments for cash and checks • 2 expanding plastic card compartments • 2 external spacious pockets • Dimensions when folded: 10 cm * 8 cm * 0.5 cm • Wallet weight 15 grams For covers: • The design allows you to quickly and conveniently remove the passport from the cover • Internal compartments for other documents • For civil and international passports • Dimensions when folded: 13 cm * 9 cm * 0.5 cm • Cover weight 9 grams five.

Brand advantages: - Durable and not afraid of water Products are made from high-tech material Tyvek® (Tyvek). This material combines the best properties of paper, film and fabric in one. Even if you want to drown or tear it with your bare hands, you should know: we tried to do it more than once, and nothing happened!

- Modest dimensions. Impressive capacity.

The first thing you will notice when picking up New wallet products is incredible subtlety and amazing lightness. Occupying a minimum of space in your pocket, it is always at hand and it does not give the slightest discomfort to its owner.

- Unique wallet design.

The wallet New Wallet, just like the paper crane, is made of seamless origami technology. There are no glued or stitched parts in it, which means that there is nothing to tear and stick together.

- Travel with New Wallet The design of the wallet is designed in such a way that bills of any countries can easily fit into it, which will especially appeal to lovers of travel. In addition to the two compartments for money and checks, it also provides a smart solution for storing business cards and plastic cards.

- A wide selection of copyright designs. We are all very different. Each of us has our own preferences and tastes, ideas about style, favorite colors, and simply each of us is individual! This is so eager to tell your friends and the whole World. With New Wallet it has become much easier! - The world's first wallet, which can be washed in a washing machine!

We all love to look good and, buying a new thing, we want it to always look fresh and clean. Therefore, a New Wallet wallet, if necessary, can be washed at home in a regular washing machine! The recommended washing mode is 30 ° С.

- Taking care of the environment.

We know that any product affects the nature even after the end of its useful life. Therefore, New Wallet products can be given to us, and we in turn will take care of safe disposal,


New wallet (New Wallet)

New wallet (New Wallet)

Company-manufacturer of functional accessories from innovative material.

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