Ethical Shoes of Prey Shoes (Этичная обувь Shoes of Prey)

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Shoes of Prey - an Australian company, a manufacturer of custom-made shoes - announced the release of a new line of ethical materials. All materials from the new line are certified by the Vegan Society and manufactured without the use of animal products or animal testing.

For the first time, we presented a tool that radically changes the modern approach to creating fashionable shoes. The company offers its customers to create their own shoe design in 3D using an online designer and think over all the details from the shape and height of the heel to the color of the insole. Then the shoes are made by hand in our workshop and delivered to the customer in any country of the world.

In collaboration with The Vegan Society, we have launched a new line of ethical materials to help all vegans create their own unique shoes without harming animals. Shoes of Prey shoes from ethical materials have a certificate of compliance with the international standard of the Vegan Society and satisfies the following requirements: all products used in the manufacture of shoes do not contain ingredients of animal origin. In particular, no derivatives or by-products of animal origin are used. Also, during the production and testing of the product and its components, no tests on animals are carried out.

We have sandals, high heels, ballet flats, ankle boots, oxfords, and more. The design of each of the models can be customized to your own taste, choosing the shape and decoration, colors and materials. Any order can be returned or redone for free if it did not fit or did not like. Prices for Shoes of Prey shoes


10% - for all Shoes of Prey shoes
Ethical Shoes of Prey Shoes (Этичная обувь Shoes of Prey)

Ethical Shoes of Prey Shoes (Этичная обувь Shoes of Prey)

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