Green Apple - chain stores (Зелёное Яблоко -сеть магазинов)

Tyumen, Alebashevskaya, 19, st. Dmitri Mendeleev, 1, 2nd floor, st. M. Gorky, , 70



Green Apple is a family brand that was born from a great need for natural products. This is how the Green Apple appeared - the territory of like-minded people and supporters of everything natural and natural. Its shelves are free from products that contain artificial preservatives and chemical dyes, flavor enhancers, and sugar. But to follow a diet or fasting, to cope with diseases, adhere to the philosophy of vegetarianism and healthy lifestyles with the "Green Apple" easier and tastier.

The "Green Apple" project began with the creators' interest in naturopathy and methods of healing the body. The sincere desire to find the best formed the basis of the principle of the formation of the range - “as for myself”. You can be sure that no supplier turned out to be a partner of the Green Apple by chance. Every n


Green Apple - chain stores (Зелёное Яблоко -сеть магазинов)

Green Apple - chain stores (Зелёное Яблоко -сеть магазинов)

Retail network of health food stores Tyumen-Yekaterinburg.

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