GHI Ghee (Топленое масло ГХИ)

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Ghee butter (ghee) is a natural product with truly amazing properties. Dishes cooked with it have an unusual taste and aroma.

According to Ayurveda, oil plays a key role in the process of digestion; in Vedic culture it is considered one of the sacred products given to people with the highest power for health, happiness and longevity. Ayurveda states that ghee ghee is the essence of milk. As a result of proper heating of the butter, water, lactose and milk proteins (forming carcinogens during frying) are completely removed from it. Properly cooked ghee retains freshness at room temperature, does not deteriorate and has no shelf life limit.

According to its molecular structure, ghee oil is fundamentally different from other fats in that it consists of fatty acids with a short chemical chain, which allows the body to fully absorb it. It is transparent, ka


GHI Ghee (Топленое масло ГХИ)

GHI Ghee (Топленое масло ГХИ)

250 ml container - 250 rubles. <br />
500 ml container - 450 rubles. <br />
0,5l clay pot - 600 rub.

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