Ecomarket "Benefit" (Экомаркет "Польза")

St. Petersburg, Pulkovskaya, 19


Our assortment includes products grown naturally and made without any chemical additives: cereals and legumes, natural cookies, flax cakes, chocolate made from carob and cocoa fruits, berries, fruit bars, superfoods, selected dried fruits and peanuts. pastes (Urbech), natural sugar substitutes, seaweed, coconut oil, sweets and even cakes.

Our products are suitable for allergy sufferers, vegetarians, syroedov, for those who stick to a diet, builds muscle mass. A healthy diet remains relevant at all times.


Ecomarket "Benefit" (Экомаркет "Польза")

Ecomarket "Benefit" (Экомаркет "Польза")

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