EcoSnacks (ЭкоСнеки)

Moscow, Kotlyakovskaya, 3с12


In assortment:

- fruit chips

- homemade marshmallow

- live unroasted nuts

- Gift Baskets

The World Health Organization advises to consume at least 400 g of fruits and berries daily. This is equivalent to 1 tube of EcoSneki marshmallow weighing 50 g.

How to prepare the marshmallow: grind fresh fruits and berries in a blender, dry the resulting puree in a dehydrator. We don't cook fruit. We do not use preservatives or flavorings.

Some of the marshmallows are produced for us by farmers. Farmers collect local fruits and berries and dry the fruit puree in Ezidri dehydrators, just like we do. Pastila soaked in the sun and clean air comes to us from different parts of Russia.

How to cook fruit chips: choose selected varieties of fruit, cut into slices, dry at 45 degrees. When dried, fruits dry out 10-15 times, therefore in a small handful of frips weighing 50 g is the daily norm of fruit.

Why are nuts alive? We choose the best varieties of nuts, sometimes they are twice as expensive as cheap counterparts. Rinse the nuts thoroughly with warm water (you should have seen how much dirt and dust comes out there!) And dry them in a dehydrator.


7% - for the entire range
EcoSnacks (ЭкоСнеки)

EcoSnacks (ЭкоСнеки)

Fruit chips, farm marshmallows and other treats without sugar, colors or preservatives: <br />
- 100% natural product <br />
- we save up to 97% of vitamins (we dry it on homemade Ezidri dehydrators) <br />
<br />
We deliver to the door in Moscow, Moscow region and St. Petersburg in 1-3 days <br />
Delivery within Russia from 3 days

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