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Russian cosmetics company "ALPIKA" shares the idea of ​​a humane attitude to animals. In the manufacture of cosmetics are used exclusively herbal ingredients. Among them are extracts and oils of herbs of alpine meadows. Since 1991, their properties have been studied in the ALPIKA laboratory. Scientists have managed to create unique carriers - alposomes (the smallest fat nanocontainers penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin), inside of which lies plant material: extracts of high alpine herbs with different healing properties, extracts from algae, natural vitamins, fruit acids and other active ingredients.

Alposomes are completely non-toxic, which is advantageously different from components of animal origin, often causing allergic reactions. Due to its light molecular weight, it is able to quickly penetrate and dissolve without residue in the body under the influence of its natural enzymes (than, again,




Vegetarian cosmetics. <br />
The Russian company Alpika uses only vegetable components in the production of its cosmetics. <br />
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