Only me (Only Me)

Ufa, Ufa Uraksina St., 1 office 17g Cheboksary St. Composer Vorobyov, 20 TC House Mod, 2nd floor



1. The democratic price for a fur coat for mink, sable, muton, fox, chinchilla, astrakhan fur from 10 to 19 thousand rubles

2. Lightweight fur coat (2-3 kg) and warm (lining with Tinsuleyt -35grad)

2. Individual tailoring taking into account your wishes

3. Designer model by Sati Casanova

4. Domestic manufacturer - we sew in Moscow and St. Petersburg

5. Together we will save the fur animals!


Only me (Only Me)

Only me (Only Me)

Ethical fur coats, sheepskin coats and vests made of faux fur by Sati Kazanova

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