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- diet foods - even though the Dukan diet, even any other diet, you want to lose weight or just feel the ease of eating the food, and we are glad that we can offer you products with a minimum number of calories or without them;

- raw food products - even if you are a committed raw foodist with many years of experience, even if you are a beginner or just decided to try, we can pamper you not just fruits / berries / nuts, but amazing pastries that our partners produce, perfecting and experimenting with tastes, thus surprising and You and us;

- vegetarian products - 100% of our products do not contain meat and fish, and if you are strictly vegan, we are happy to offer you a wide selection of products that do not contain animal additives;

- lean products - whether you observe the Great Lent, or observe small Orthodox fasting, we have something to surprise you with! Yes Yes! And we also have fast sour cream, and fast cheese and fast milk!

- products for homemade bread - more and more people refuse shop-made yeast bread and bake it at home on their own from healthy flour and on sourdough cooked on their own or purchased from us;

- gluten-free products - we understand that this is a great joy, when, despite the gluten allergy, you can fully eat and have in the diet and bread and cookies with muffins and a lot of everything diverse, including special gluten-free mixes; - diabetic foods - we will share your joy from eating foods that don’t increase blood sugar; - high-protein foods - have the goal to build or maintain muscles - surprise you with a variety of products with high protein content and a very rich amino acid composition. And if you are “on drying” and you want to keep the relief, then carbohydrate-free products will help you. You will be surprised that such





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