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Siberian Power Company - fully justifies its name. The products supplied by us truly carry the Siberian power of Russian nature, accumulated in the environmentally friendly, energetically charged and pristine picturesque edges of Lake Baikal and Gorny Altai.

The goal of our company: to provide a unique opportunity for simple and safe access to the pantry of Mother Nature. In this storeroom, everyone can find for themselves the necessary product or useful information, the answer to the question of interest, or vice versa ask it.

The main task is to organize a convenient and reliable service, as well as quality control of products at all stages, from collection to packaging, and further transportation. Cooperation with proven partners who set high standards of quality plays a significant role. Thereby uniting in joint activity the best suppliers and manufacturers for the common good.

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Siberian Force, a multi-purpose resource, grew out of a company of like-minded people, with the Russian name of the same name "Siberian Power", and we set ourselves lofty goals in the development of conscious nutrition, intellectual enrichment, innovative technologies and the wisdom of our ancestors.
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Resource Sibfors includes a rich assortment of healthy and healthy food for the body and soul.

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