'Free Flow' Shop of Extraordinary Things ('Free Flow' магазин Необычайных Вещей)

Moscow, Pyatnitskaya, 3/4 p.2



Appearance is a continuation of the inner "I". It is necessary to be bold and free enough to remain yourself in a world woven of conventions. In Free Flow, we will help you to choose things that will show your individuality.

Free Flow is a mix from different styles: from boho, ethno, fusion, funk, kawaii to conceptual clothes from Russian and oriental designers. Every thing presented here is collected around the world, the details of characters, feelings, stories, embodied in the fabric.

The Free Flow store was created not for those who pursue fashion, but for those who prioritize harmony and convenience. Even in the office you can dress up so as not to change yourself and be in harmony with your outlook. In Free Flow, you can choose bright creative clothes for each day.

We are glad to everyone who seeks to find contact with himself, realized himself or is just on the way. We believe in a world where respect and acceptance of every person is dominant without conviction. We want to speak with customers in the language of their souls and help express themselves in external details.

Do not be surprised if Free Flow seems eclectic to you. In the same way, all our life is woven from different materials, colors and textures. Here everyone is free to choose, love, take and give human warmth and boldly look into the eyes of others. Free Flow is the spirit of freedom of expression, realized in images. Come to Free Flow and feel yourself in your rhythm, in your flow. Embody the most daring ideas regarding the appearance and find new ideas. Try on and carry with you


'Free Flow' Shop of Extraordinary Things ('Free Flow' магазин Необычайных Вещей)

'Free Flow' Shop of Extraordinary Things ('Free Flow' магазин Необычайных Вещей)

We are for those who collect their image from bright things, preferring eclecticism of various styles and trends to template trends! <br /> Summer is the time of bright colors and tasty prices: sale of the summer collection and new arrival of extraordinary clothes!

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