Ringing cedars (Звенящие кедры)

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100% natural and eco-friendly products:

- Cedar products from Siberia

Healing cedar oil. Nut. Sap. Cake. Cedar needles syrups. Toothpastes. Creme based on resin, beeswax and propolis. Vivifying essential oils.

- Products from Family Houses

Healing ointments and balms. Salair honey (mountainous Altai), Ivan-tea and fragrant herbal preparations. Pillows with natural fillers. Natural shampoos. Handmade soap and more!

- Products


Ringing cedars (Звенящие кедры)

Ringing cedars (Звенящие кедры)

100% natural and eco-friendly products: <br />
cedar products from Siberia; <br />
Family Estate products; <br />
handicrafts. <br />
Welcome to our stores! <br />
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