Live Food ( Живая Еда )

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We are aware, if you want to live, and not to exist, plan and build a positive future - an indispensable part in the life of a modern person - this is a healthy organic living food. Our efforts are focused on providing this essential part. We work, search and find suppliers who share our lifestyle. We do not promote any type of food: vegetarianism, raw foods, traditional food, etc. We welcome all kinds of sensible approach to eating. However, we are against the wrong food - artificial food, with harmful additives, with GMO content, etc.

Initially, the idea was laid to develop in all plans, spiritually as well. The idea of ​​the store is to provide people with the opportunity to purchase quality products in cities, as well as provide the consumer with the opportunity to sell their products. We see our suppliers, various eco-settlements, communities, and all private farms. It is interesting for us to cooperate with people who grow products with love and are ready to share them with others.

As the store develops, we will have more and more products from the environmentally friendly places in our country, we are happy to support domestic production, agriculture. After all, you understand, it is impossible in large-scale volumes for producers to make quality products, and when, for example, a person works in his garden, grows fruits, vegetables and then sells everything to other people, then everything is possible. What, for example, would be better and more beneficial for a person, fruits grown in a garden by a kind person, dried in the sun without chemicals, or dried fruit from production? We think the answer here is obvious.

As for the goods that are sold in our store, we try out of everything that the EU


Live Food ( Живая Еда )

Live Food ( Живая Еда )

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