Green house (Green House)

Krasnodar, 40th anniversary of Victory, 178k2


GREEN HOUSE is a store of healthy products, household goods, natural cosmetics and household chemicals for the home in Krasnodar.

Our assortment includes products for those who are looking for high-quality, healthy products for themselves and their families, for vegetarians / vegans, raw foodists, athletes and yogis, for people adhering to lactose-free, gluten-free diets, for people who do not consume sugar, for those who who knows that healthy eating is not half, but perhaps 2/3 of success in creating and maintaining good health and longevity.

All products entering our store are organic certified and come from trusted suppliers in the world. Their production technologies comply with international environmental standards.

With a conscious choice of products, natural, high quality, it is very easy to maintain the desired balance of trace elements and vitamins in the body. Herbal superfoods and supplements are softer and more correct to help the body cleanse and regenerate properly. In addition, they help in achieving the desired body quality, weight loss or gaining weight.


4% - Foodstuffs
7% - Cosmetics and household non-chemicals
Green house (Green House)

Green house (Green House)

Healthy food and natural cosmetics store.

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