Garden City (Город-Сад)

Moscow, st. Bolshaya Dmitrovka, d.16, building 1



The City-Sad chain of health food stores offers food products, dishes, drinks, desserts and superfoods that are unique to the Russian market of cooked foods with the cleanest ingredients. The City-Garden menu, developed by experts in dietetics, allows you to eat deliciously and variably adherents of even strict food systems (vegan, keto, raw, gluten free, dairy free and paleo AIP).

The City-Garden team carefully develops the recipe for each dish, expands the product line of its own brand. Among the new products - coconut yogurt YOCO, almond milk HI! I'M MLK, buckwheat tea, Muesli-bar, activated seed mix, green buckwheat bread and much more.

And also City-Garden monitors world gastronomic healthy trends, supplementing the shelves of the chain stores with products and superfoods that are exclusive for the Russian food market (drinks with Reishi mushrooms, coconut water from royal coconuts, GCI oil, eco-cosmetics, and much more).


10% - For cooking and bar
10% - For goods Made by "City-Garden"
Garden City (Город-Сад)

Garden City (Город-Сад)

The City-Sad chain of healthy food stores offers food products and superfoods that are unique to the Russian market of ready-made culinary products, which allow delicious and varied food to followers of different food systems.

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