Ecomarket PrirodaShop (Экомаркет PrirodaShop)

St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities of Russia. FREE DELIVERY from 2000 rub.

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9 years of experience in the field of natural trade allows you to open before you an extensive selection of natural products from proven manufacturers from all over the world. We are the official representative and wholesale partner of many brands represented by us. We clearly understand our goals and strive for them tirelessly.

Our project was created to improve the well-being of people and promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

We believe that it is only possible to achieve success and continue moving in the right direction, having realized our purpose. The main idea of ​​an ecomomeket Nature is that any undertaking should benefit the Society and not cause damage to Nature.

We believe that the success of our project depends on the extent to which our products can become part of your life. Therefore, we carefully and carefully treat the selection of products presented on our website. Organic, eco-friendly and natural cosmetics, Ayurvedic products, household Chemistry (safe home care products), baby products, natural and vegan foods are presented in our store.

We invite you to the world of natural


5% - The discount applies to ALL products and is added to other DISCOUNTS!
Ecomarket PrirodaShop (Экомаркет PrirodaShop)

Ecomarket PrirodaShop (Экомаркет PrirodaShop)

Ecomarket Priroda (PrirodaShop.ru) is a large representative of the eco industry in Russia with a professional approach and a deep working ideology. Service, quality and respect for Nature are the main values ​​of the project.

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