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GlorYes - manufacturer of reusable diapers №1 * in Russia, diapers, washing ECO powder and other useful products for babies and mothers!

GlorYes eco-diapers do not contain chemicals and are made of natural fabrics.

Just think: a disposable diaper decomposes 500 years. And the GlorYes cloth diaper is hundreds of times faster!

Already thousands of satisfied moms and dads have estimated savings with GlorYes diapers and continue to take care of their baby using diapers and diapers without chemicals! With GlorYes, the mother is sure that the baby will not have irritations and allergies.

* According to the results of the "Parents' Mark" poll, the 1st in popularity and convenience in the Russian Federation in 2015, 2016, 2017

For the last three years, GlorYes has been manufacturing eco-powder in St. Petersburg, and recently launched a new line of laundry facilities and the Naturami house.

Official site: https: // gloryes.

ru / Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gloryes.ru/


Gloryes (GlorYes)

Gloryes (GlorYes)

GlorYes is a manufacturer of reusable diapers in Russia, diapers, washing ECO products for the home and other useful babies, parents and the planet goods.

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