Spivak (natural cosmetics) (СпивакЪ (натуральная косметика))

Moscow, Khodynsky Boulevard. TC & quot; Aviapark & ​​quot; 1st floor, opposite the Koton store, not far from Auchan, 4


Spivak soap company is a Russian manufacturer of natural cosmetics and handmade soaps.

The history of our company began with soap. In keeping with the best traditions of soap making, we produce cold soap from natural ingredients without the use of animal fats. It is the cold method that allows to preserve to a large extent the beneficial properties of the oils used for the production of soap. The smell of natural soap is calm, even, but bright and unforgettable, it changes and unfolds a little during the aging of the soap and in the process of washing. The soap at our factory is made entirely by hand, and without any exaggeration, each batch can be called an author's work. We are sure that soap making is, first of all, a creative process, that is why you can never find two absolutely identical pieces, they will always be slightly different in pattern, shape.

Today, our range has expanded significantly, and in addition to soap, it includes various skin and hair care products: massage and hydrophilic tiles, lip balms, bellows, facial cleansing jams, hydrophilic makeup oils, scrubs, body masks and facial shampoos and more. In addition, we offer a fairly wide range of natural fatty and essential oils, including rare and exotic oils, aroma lamps.

All our products are natural


5% - the entire range of goods
Spivak (natural cosmetics) (СпивакЪ (натуральная косметика))

Spivak (natural cosmetics) (СпивакЪ (натуральная косметика))

Spivak soap company - natural handmade cosmetics. <br />
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Products from Spivak are made exclusively from natural ingredients without the use of animal fats and synthetic fragrances. <br />

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