BioEcoMarket (БиоЭкоМаркет)

Novosibirsk, Krasny Ave., 153a


The history of our store began in the summer of 2010, when we opened our branch of the online store for real food (I-ME). At that time, we were the first to engage in similar activities in our city. The demand for such products was very small, but we believed in success and continued to work on expanding the range of quality goods. We looked with white envy at Moscow and St. Petersburg, where there were already dozens of similar stores at that time. In addition, not one vegetarian restaurant was already operating in these cities.

Our idea was to support, rally and develop raw foods and vegetarianism in our native city - Novosibirsk.

In March 2013 we left the E-ME network and created our own brand, BioEcoMarket. The desire to collect the most natural products (BIO), as well as natural cosmetics and home care products (IVF) in one store (MARKET), which determined the name of our store. This is how BioEcoMarket turned out.

Through our activities we combine the best products in one place so that you can


5% - for all goods except promotional items
BioEcoMarket (БиоЭкоМаркет)

BioEcoMarket (БиоЭкоМаркет)

BioEkoMarket - an online store of eco-friendly goods with delivery in Novosibirsk and all Russia.

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