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  • 7% - For everything
    10% - For the entire line of cosmetics RUSSO FABELO


We work for people leading a healthy lifestyle, who strive for a conscious life, look for the meanings and causes of what is happening with them, understand the compositions of products and products, and strive to preserve and increase their own and their loved ones health and beauty in a natural and natural way (respectively useful and natural remedies). For them, trends are not so important, they are moving away from mass thoughtless consumption, they are concerned about the problems of environmental conservation and a rational attitude to natural resources. It is important for them in what kind of world their children and grandchildren will live, they want to see healthy, happy and harmonious ones.

The task that we now set for ourselves is to bring health, benefit and sense to people, to give new knowledge, to be interesting. Inspire as many people as possible for a conscious attitude towards yourself and life in general.

Periodically we hold workshops for wholesale customers in products and for everyone interested in the topic of aromatherapy - live workshops on the properties of essential oils and how to use them for different purposes: for example, for beauty and health, for harmonizing relationships and correcting children's behavior.

This project for us is not only a business, but also a lifestyle, it reflects our life values, our mission. We really want the world to be at least a little bit better, cleaner, happier. And if we can improve a little bit


7% - For everything
10% - For the entire line of cosmetics RUSSO FABELO


The company "Bio Plus" offers high-quality natural cosmetics and natural household non-chemicals, eco-friendly products for the home.

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