Ayu - Spirit of the Forest (Аю - Дух леса)

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The trademark "Ayu - the spirit of the forest" was created by the company "Ayu Group", which produces and sells environmentally-friendly raw materials on the Russian and foreign markets.

Ayu Group is a family business that has existed since 1997. The owners of the company are hereditary Siberians, who are familiar with the traditions of collecting taiga gifts and traditional local cuisine.

Many positive reviews of our products can be found on the Internet under the brand name.

All products "Ayu - the spirit of the forest" belong to the category of functional nutrition:

- pine nut - a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. Our pine nut is packed in a vacuum and protected from light, which guarantees its constantly high quality;

- bird-cherry flour with natural rum-almond aroma has the finest grinding and contains 55% fiber, vitamin E and a large number of trace elements, it can be called a real superfood; - cedar flour - highly protein product; - pine flakes are low-fat pine nuts for dietary nutrition; - cedar oil rich in pinolenic acid helps to control appetite.

  All products "Ayu -


Ayu - Spirit of the Forest (Аю - Дух леса)

Ayu - Spirit of the Forest (Аю - Дух леса)

"Ayu - the spirit of the forest" - premium quality products from Siberian wild plants. Under the brand name are: pine nuts, cedar oil, cedar flour and flakes, bird cherry flour, handmade cedar soap and natural honey.

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