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In Russia, our Korean ECO products are sold at the same prices as in the country of origin, i.e. Our buyers do not overpay for import. Official customs import, full certification in Russia with test reports + Yu.Korei certificates. Joint project with the manufacturer - the opening of a branded online store.

EM opens the door to a healthy world!

What is EM?

EM is an abbreviation (Effective Microorganisms)

There are a total of 3,000,000 living creatures in the world, of which Animals and insects - 1,500,000 species, including 4,300 mammal species (0.

1% of all creatures and 800,000 insects. Plants - 300,000 species. Microorganisms - 1,200,000 species. Microorganisms live everywhere, both within living creatures and on the surface.

In 1988, the Japanese scientist Teruo Higa (pictured) created the world's most efficient, simple to use, cost-effective and environmentally friendly system, called EM Technology. The technology is based on the use of unique biological products containing a balanced community of beneficial microorganisms of various physiological groups, represented by lactic acid, photosynthetic bacteria, yeast, etc.

EM Effective Microorganisms - Natural Biotechnology.

Beneficial microorganisms help maintain purity, harmony in nature and make food suitable for food. Harmful microorganisms destroy nature, cause the death of all living things and destroy food. There are inert microorganisms — the opportunists — that follow the majority.

Effective microorganisms stimulate the activity of microorganisms in the environment where they are introduced, and have the ability to direct activity towards the restoration and revitalization of the ecosystem. In other words - when introducing EM into any environment - harmful microorganisms and opportunists of this environment switch over to the side of beneficial microorganisms, i.e. EM directs their activities in a positive direction.

The introduction of effective microorganisms into any organic medium allows restoring dynamic equilibrium in it and ensuring the normal growth of plants, the development of living organisms, the restoration of ecological balance in the environment.

Of the great multitude of microorganisms, T. Khiga chose about 130 regenerative microorganisms - leaders in nature. From their composition, he and his followers form biological products with amazing properties that contribute to the revival of life on Earth.

EM is a combination of beneficial cultured microorganisms.

The basis of EM:

1) lactic acid bacteria (used in yogurt, cheese)

2) yeast

3) photosynthesis bacteria (partly in cheeses and soy sauces)

EM technology is used in more than 150 countries of the world!

The EM logo on products means that it contains Effective Microorganisms that significantly increase product quality and health benefits. All products with an EM for a class are higher than similar products in their segment.

EM has the strongest antioxidant protection in the world, resisting "active oxygen"!

EM is absolutely safe to use thanks to only natural ingredients in the composition and has excellent antioxidant and regenerating properties!

EM destroy pathogenic flora and contribute to the restoration of healthy natural microflora.

EM technology is adopted in more than 150 countries as an alternative to synthetic substances!

(EM) effective microorganisms today use:

- in nutrition (yoghurts, cheeses, health drinks ...)

- in medicine (prevention and treatment of oncological diseases)

- in cosmetics and hygiene products (contribute to a deeper penetration and maximum impact of natural ingredients contained in hygiene products and cosmetics for face and body skin care, increase their protective and healing properties)

- in everyday life (improve health through improving the quality of water, food, household microclimate, household chemicals - conditioners and laundry, dishwashing detergent, fruits and vegetables, air fresheners)

- large-scale river and sea cleaning projects

- in agriculture (process organic matter, feed the plants, accelerate ripening, increase fruiting)

- in construction (construction additives that increase the strength of structures and prevent the consequences of the "non-ecological premises syndrome")

- by production of clothes

Links: http: //www.emrojapan.

com, http://em-russia.ru/

Antioxidants, why are they needed?

From the aggressive effects of active oxygen, which oxidizes a huge number of elements and their compounds, even concrete in buildings is destroyed, people suffer for the same reason.

Oxygen is necessary for the functioning of almost all living organisms on Earth, but sometimes the balance of this vital element and energy entering the body is disturbed due to too intense training, excessive consumption of food or drinks, as a result, there is a lack or excess of oxygen, and the metabolism becomes unstable. Excess oxygen in the body is active oxygen.

Almost 90% of human diseases are associated with active oxygen, such diseases as cancer, blood diseases, diabetes, stroke, myocardial infarction, hepatitis, nephritis, connective tissue damage, atrophy, Parkinson’s disease and many other diseases, including result from exposure to ultraviolet rays and radiation.

EMs contain an enormous amount of antioxidants, which makes them one of the best anti-active oxygen agents in the world.

Beneficial microorganisms in EM contribute to the preservation of human health and the environment. EM creates antioxidants that revitalize the polluted nature (prevent pollution and overgrowing of water bodies, contribute to their purification)

Unique products based on EM were developed by the South Korean company Ever Miracle CO., LTD (EM), the slogan is Return to Beautiful Life.

The company was founded on the basis of the National University CHONJU (Y.

Korea) works closely with the EM Research Organization, Inc. (Japan). The quality management system and environmental management of the manufacturer complies with the international standards ISO9001-2008, ISO14001-2004. The company produces cosmetic and household goods for the whole family and home - environmentally friendly products based on natural ingredients using unique patented EM technology (effective microorganisms). Does not contain synthetic substances, artificial preservatives, dyes, flavors, GMOs, steroids, antibiotics.

Quality confirmed by certificates:

EM certificate of biotechnology (Japan)

KOREA ECOlabel - international ECO certificate (South Korea)

LOHAS Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability - certificate of manufacturer and product (USA, South Korea)

KFDA - Yu. Korea Food and Drug Administration

Natural ingredients of products comply with ECOSERT and approved by USFDA (American Commission in the field of supervision of drugs and food)

At the registration stage is a patent for the development of tools for the treatment of malignant tumors using EM. For more than 15 years, Evermiracle CO., LTD (EM) products have enjoyed success on the domestic market of South Korea, being shipped to Japan, New Zealand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Russia, USA, Canada.

Company online store from the manufacturer in Russia www.evermiracle.ru


10% - household line SALLIMI LIVING CARE
10% - eco-friendly PULAMU products for body and hair care
Eastern Trading Company (Восточная Торговая Компания)

Eastern Trading Company (Восточная Торговая Компания)

VTK - since 2012, the exclusive distributor-importer in Russia of products based on the unique natural world-wide recognized EM technology. In the assortment of eco-certified household non-chemical products, SALLIMI, which has no analogues. Living care that heals not only a person but also restores nature, as well as eco-care products for body and hair care. Products are superior in quality and efficiency to their counterparts, while saving you money and protecting family health.

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