ANSE - ekoshuby (ANSE - экошубы)

Moscow, Pyatnitskaya, 41/1


We are convinced that life is an over-value for any person.

Our goal is to dress women beautifully and warmly without sacrificing the lives of animals.

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3%% - buying a fur coat from the store
ANSE - ekoshuby (ANSE - экошубы)

ANSE - ekoshuby (ANSE - экошубы)

Since 2011, ANSE has been producing and selling eco-fur coats. We have achieved significant results over this period and present to your attention high-grade winter outerwear, which is an alternative to fur coats from animal fur and surpasses them in many ways. <br />
We have shops in the center of Moscow and St. Petersburg, branches in 28 years. By the 7th year of work, we collected more than 1,500 photos from our excellent customers, which we are very proud of.

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