Cooperative of Farmers of Abkhazia "Amra" (Кооператив фермеров Абхазии «Амра»)



Our mission is to make organic fruits of the subtropics of Abkhazia available in Russia and the CIS.

The cooperative of farmers "Amra" was founded in 2012 in the Russian settlement of the village of Atara-Armenian of the Ochamchira region of the Republic of Abkhazia.

The village of Atara-Armenian is located in an ecologically clean region, in the foothills of Abkhazia, surrounded by mountains, forests and mountain streams. Away from the highway and tourist places. This allowed us to receive in 2014 the European certificate of organic producers EU Organic Bio.

In 2016, for financial reasons (high euro), we had to abandon the certificate, but we still retain all Organic methods.

The main customers of the cooperative are farm stores and health food stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg: LavkaLavka, Season Market, Biostoria, II, Eco products.

RF, Green Farm (St. Petersburg), Meal (St. Petersburg), etc. In 2016, they supplied persimmon and tangerines to the Vkusvill chain of stores. Since 2017, we have begun deliveries to the HyperGlobus network, and we are discussing the conditions for working with the ABC of Taste.

The cooperative was formed from farmers who came from Russia. Overview report about the settlement ("Today. The final program "NTV, 2015): https: // youtu.

be / JAolkKhHLLY Report RIA news mentioning our village - http: // youtu.

be / etlakZSbM-o An article in "Spark" about us: http: // kommersant.

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Cooperative of Farmers of Abkhazia "Amra" (Кооператив фермеров Абхазии «Амра»)

Cooperative of Farmers of Abkhazia "Amra" (Кооператив фермеров Абхазии «Амра»)

The first and only organic fruit producers in Abkhazia with a certificate of EU Organic Bio. We grow and supply organic tangerines and farm products in the Russian Federation.

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