Bio Market "Eco Divo" (Био маркет "Эко Диво")

Barnaul, Anton Petrov, 222 A, office 3


Ecomarket "Divo" is glad to welcome all lovers of healthy, natural and dietary food!

For the first time in Barnaul, the widest range of organic products is presented.

Now you can purchase products and goods from reliable suppliers at reasonable prices, as well as order fresh organic farm products from Altai farmers! We can buy unleavened bread, grains and seeds for germination and micro-greenery and other vegetarian products.

Look at our catalog, in it everything is only the most delicious and interesting!

We have long selected goods that we will present to our customers, tried, checked, argued, defending a favorite product, and proving that it should appear on the tables of our customers.

Our site will help you to get maximum information about organic products, eco-products, healthy food, delicious and unique recipes and help you to try it all yourself.

For those who would like to look young and healthy, to keep track of their bodies, we offer a large number of products to normalize metabolism and reduce body weight. We can buy chia seeds, sweeteners. These products are presented in various volumes and types.

Changing lifestyles in the direction of naturalness, safety for the environment and humans - this is our goal. Eating organic foods means taking care of your health, youth and beauty. Our performance and mood, digestion and the immune system depend on the quality of food.

Allow yourself to invest in the future. In future health and longevity.


5% - the entire range
Bio Market "Eco Divo" (Био маркет "Эко Диво")

Bio Market "Eco Divo" (Био маркет "Эко Диво")

"Eco Divo" - wholesale and retail health food online store! <br />
<br />
Here you will find: <br />
✔ Grains and seeds for germination and <br />
microgreens; <br />
✔ SuperFood; <br />
✔ Wholemeal flour; <br />
✔ Real Altai honey and <br />
bee products. <br />
✔ Natural dried fruits; <br />
✔ Cold-pressed oils and more <br />
<br />
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