gold-east. (zoloto-vostoka.ru)

Moscow, Novoslobodskaya, 20/4


What can you buy?

- organic cosmetics;

- natural hair dyes and henna;

- Ayurveda products;

- premium natural spices from India;

- Indian tea and health tea drinks;

- various super foods and food supplements;

- rice, pasta and sauces;

- edible oils and coconut products;

- essential essential oils;

- incense and Arab perfume;

- shawls, scarves and stoles from natural fabrics;

- cotton floor mats and bedspreads; - interior items and handmade souvenirs.

How to buy?

You can place an order on our website or by phone. We deliver all over Russia, in Moscow - the next day after order confirmation! Pay car


11% - for the entire range of the online store
gold-east. (zoloto-vostoka.ru)

gold-east. (zoloto-vostoka.ru)

The online store Gold of the East is a project of the Amrita-Madhya team. 10 years of experience has helped us create a convenient online platform so that those who want to join a healthy lifestyle can order everything they need at once. More than 3000 products from India, China, the United Arab Emirates and Sri Lanka with the label "ECO" are available for order on zoloto-vostoka.ru. We deliver all over Russia, and in Moscow the next day after ordering.

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