Dicaretto Il laboratorio del gelato artigianale



Dicaretto laboratory produces gelato and sorbets, based on Italian traditions and Italian quality. The product range is widely represented VEGAN line, namely gelato, cooked with soy milk.

The main consumers of the line of gelato and sorbet Dicaretto VEGAN are followers of vegan and vegetarian directions, followers of a healthy lifestyle, ice cream lovers, who are contraindicated for cow protein, as well as those who keep a fast food menu.

Gelato VEGAN is prepared on high-quality soya milk premium class. Our customers particularly appreciate this product for the identity of tastes with the usual gelato on cow's milk.

To date, the vegan Dicaretto line has more than 50 flavors, presented in a package of different volumes. The range is regularly updated and can be supplemented individually.


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Dicaretto Il laboratorio del gelato artigianale

Dicaretto Il laboratorio del gelato artigianale

Laboratory for the production of Italian ice cream and sorbets.

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