Natura sanat (Natura Sanat)

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Dear friends! We invite you to shop in our store of healthy organic products! Our online store has collected the highest quality, healthy and tasty vegetarian products from around the world for your healthy nutrition and mood. Initially, our online grocery store was created for vegans, vegetarians and raw foodists.

But people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle (zozh) is becoming more and more every day. Therefore, we heartily invite to our online store vegetarian and organic products of all who protect nature and take care of their health. You are not vegan, but would like to buy something tasty and healthy? In our range of healthy food for every taste and wallet:

We did not spare time and effort to find for you the best producers of vegan and eco products. All that you decide to buy in our store is guaranteed to meet international standards for organic products and has all certificates of conformity. Does not contain preservatives, dyes, harmful chemical additives, grown in ecorayon. We pay special attention to gluten-free products.

Most of our manufacturers are family-owned companies, enthusiastic and loving people. Each manufacturer has its own unique face and history. All have one thing in common - a professional and responsible approach to the process.

A little about our main suppliers:

Casa Cubana produce their products in the eco-region in the foothills of the Caucasus. They specialize in nut and paste pastes, tofu-pate, vegetable (soy) milk and pesto sauce. Also on sale are acacia and chestnut honey with nuts.

"Oil King" - oils, including rare and especially valuable, are produced by the method of single cold pressing according to the "soft cleaning" technology with the use of gentle modes, without exposure to high temperatures and pressure.

"Green Company" - organic products prepared using raw technology. These are vegetable dairy products, sweets, snacks, bread, juices, smoothies.

"Lifestyle" - selected seeds and cereals, as well as flour.

"Organic for all" is the best coconut milk and butter, quinoa and cocoa from organic farms.

"MAKES you-and younger!

"- Snacks based on germinated seeds (especially valuable flax), nuts, berries, vegetables and dried fruits, without sugar and gluten.

R.A.W.LIFE natural bars based on dates and nuts. Perfect healthy snack.

"Chocolate House" - delicious and healthy chocolate. In the process of its preparation does not heat up over 40 grams In the composition of cocoa, almond and pine nut milk, nat. grape sugar, cedar lecithin and nat. vanilla.

Most of the store’s products are based on cold technology (raw technology). Products prepared in this way are indispensable for raw foodists and vegans. But also they are simply beneficial to health, since at low temperatures all the beneficial properties of raw materials are preserved. On your table there will always be not only various, but also tasty and healthy products, rich in vitamins, minerals and all the substances necessary for our body.

There are many low-calorie and low-glycemic foods in our range. This is especially important for those who are on a diet or, for health reasons, should monitor their blood sugar levels.

The location of the warehouse of our online store is the city of Moscow. But we deliver not only in Moscow, but throughout Russia on favorable terms.

We try to make purchases in our online store not only useful, but also profitable. We offer discounts and promotions to our regular customers as a sign of respect and appreciation. But the main basis of our online store is the principle of "fair price".

Most packaging materials are biodegradable. And we maximize this amount.

A healthy diet based on what the earth gives us


7% - The entire range of the store.
Natura sanat (Natura Sanat)

Natura sanat (Natura Sanat)

NATURA SANAT, which translates as NATURE HEALING (lat), has found the highest quality, eco-friendly and healthy products of plant origin, to satisfy both the tastes and needs of your body. <br />
We choose not what is convenient, but look for the most conscientious producers, our like-minded people, who also, like us, prefer quality and benefit. <br />
We constantly study the market and manufacturers in order to replenish our range with the best useful novelties. <br />
Fair price is our approach. <br />
The main ingredient in our store is love. <br />
HEALTH is a lifestyle!

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