Eastern World (Восточный Мир)

Moscow, Tishinskaya Square, 6


It's simple: we entice a cozy atmosphere and sincere attention of good people. We serve delicious tea. And we observe how smiles light up on their faces, and talks about the crisis and problems are replaced by stories about the benefits of yoga, qigong and playing tomtoms, about funny life episodes and intoxicating journeys.

Over the long years of our club’s existence, we have brought tons of tea from China, Japan, India, Hong Kong and other eastern countries to Russia. Themselves have often traveled to see the whole process of growing raw materials and to meet people whose families have accumulated experience in the cultivation of tea culture for centuries. They read about what chemical reactions occur with the collected leaves and how the substances that appear in them affect the health and mood of a person. We spent almost 15 thousand liters of water for brewing an innumerable amount of kettles and guivans. Spent hundreds of tea ceremonies and presentations. We taught others and studied ourselves. They gave and gladly accepted the advice. Watching how new recipes and even varieties of your favorite drink. How tea plantations appeared in new regions of the planet. With our own hands and with the help of friends we created our cozy club. Themselves knocked off the shelves of cabinets and placed in them only the very favorite utensils and dishes. We tried every teapot on ourselves. We remember the names of those who collected herbal wellness mixes (we also have them).

Long puzzled over the device of the tea room, where now in the warmth and comfort without haste you can discover for yourself all the subtleties and shades of the best teas. Could, like colleagues from tea shops multiplied in recent years in the capital, hire workers and designers and spend a ton of money. But then the price of tea would increase.

Each visitor can taste (taste) any of the product options currently presented. But going to visit us, we advise you to stock up on time. It will be needed in order to learn how to brew the selected tea. Otherwise, you can not achieve a good aroma and taste of even the most expensive and elite varieties. It would be ideal to devote a few hours to a traditional Chinese or Japanese tea ceremony, which can be arranged in advance in a special cozy tea room by calling us at 8 (495) 21-21-041. And after trying, you consciously decide and make your choice, delivery of the beloved variety can be ordered on our website. However, after that you should not forget the way to us. After all, any new items are tastier and more interesting to try in the company of friends and guests, at the same time sharing with each other the subtleties of preparing a drink. If you have no opportunity to come to us at all, we advise you to order several varieties of different teas for a sample.


7% - for the entire range of the store
Eastern World (Восточный Мир)

Eastern World (Восточный Мир)

You will always find a large selection of tasty and fresh Chinese tea in the Eastern World tea shop. <br />
<br />
Our task is to give you a piece of a wonderful and mysterious world. Discover the new universe of stunning tastes and aromas of tea <br />
The company "East World" brings to your attention: <br />
* Chinese tea wholesale and retail (any amount) tea utensils and gift sets and packaging; <br />
* Free delivery of tea within Moscow; <br />
* Providing certificates for all teas; <br />
* Selection and preparation of corporate gifts; <br />
* For the HoReCa sector, we guarantee an uninterrupted supply of tea, a large assortment of tea, dishes, and we assist in the training of personnel and the production of tea cards.

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