LIVE ECO shop (ЖИВОЙ ЭКОмагазин)

Nizhny Novgorod, st. Piskunova, 24


LIVE ECO shop - the first in Nizhny Novgorod shop natural products.

Opening Live ECO shop, we set a goal to offer only natural products, which could rightly be called the gifts of nature.

Live ECO shop is whole-grain products, healthy cereals, whole-grain and gluten-free flour, unleavened sourdough bread, natural vegetable oils, natural sweets, real chocolate, Ivan tea and healthy herbal preparations, real honey, and spices.

We select only the best Russian manufacturers - like-minded people who want their products to bring health to people. Alive ECO shop for those who care about their health, about the health of their families. For those who live in harmony with nature. Our goal is to revive the good traditions of a healthy pit


LIVE ECO shop (ЖИВОЙ ЭКОмагазин)

LIVE ECO shop (ЖИВОЙ ЭКОмагазин)

Live ECO shop is the first Nizhny Novgorod store of natural products. <br />
Live ECO shop offers products for vegetarians and raw foodists, for those who care about their health.

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