Astorafood (AstoraFood)



Eco candy without sugar @AstoraFood

For vegans, syroedov, children, losing weight, athletes and all lovers of a healthy lifestyle)

No sugar, no flour, no butter, no eggs, no additives, no heat treatment!

Made with love, only from natural ingredients!

- almond

- Walnut

- hazelnut

- peanuts

- sesame

- prunes

- raisins

- dates

- bananas

- coconut

- Organic Cocoa / Carob

- poppy

We are always in touch with you on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/astorafood/,

Votsape - 8987 188 62 08, and by phone)

With health care, your AstoraFood;)


Astorafood (AstoraFood)

Astorafood (AstoraFood)

AstoraFood is a healthy, sugar-free candy. For vegetarians, syroedov, and all supporters of a healthy diet. <br />
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We are on Instagram: www.instagram.com/astorafood/

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