ECO-shop "Blueberry" (ЭКО-лавка "Черника")

St. Petersburg, Danube, 14K1 (our office)


Many stores only declare that their mission is "affordable and healthy food." In fact - prices tend upwards (and often completely unreasonably).

Of course, this is not done because other stores are bad. Simply, not everyone can work directly with suppliers.

And we can.

And if at other stores the prices are due to a large number of second-hand dealers, then everything is easier with us - we have the opportunity to purchase products directly.

We are not just saying big words - we DO everything so that your table can have products at the most affordable fair price :)

And also, we are able to do normal service: if you make an order, they will not forget it and will not lose in the e-mail.

In our assortment: Superfoods Germinating crops Natural cosmetic Products from India Vegetarian sausages Spice Ohr


ECO-shop "Blueberry" (ЭКО-лавка "Черника")

ECO-shop "Blueberry" (ЭКО-лавка "Черника")

The online store of eco-products and organic products with delivery in St. Petersburg, Moscow and all Russia: <a class="txttohtmllink" href="https://chernika-shop.ru"> https: // chernika-shop. ru </a>

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