Live Food (Живая Еда)

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LLC TD "Live Food" was created by a group of initiative people in 2011. Despite its youth, the company is promising and dynamically developing on the Russian market in the segment of health food products.

We care about our reputation, both among consumers and partners. We use only first-class raw materials from environmentally friendly regions of the World. On all products manufactured by our company, you will find the sign "100% natural product". This is not a fad, but a statement of fact and is part of the ideology of the company.

To develop dynamically, we need a cohesive team of like-minded people. Understanding this, we are committed to long-term work with


Live Food (Живая Еда)

Live Food (Живая Еда)

Our company TD "Live Food" is engaged in the production and trade of snacks and sweets. <br />
The main task of us, as producers, is that food should be not only healthy and healthy, but also tasty.
Because in our society, the useful is not always associated with tasty :)) We want to break these stereotypes. <br />

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