OC "Benaras" (ОЦ "Бенарас")

Voronezh, Student, 26a


The uniqueness of the center "Benaras" is the use of Ayurvedic methods of prevention and treatment of various types of diseases, and, as a result, the rejuvenation of the body as a whole, excellent health, mental clarity, beautiful appearance - beautiful skin, well-groomed hair, perfect figure.

In our center you will be offered:

○ Ayurvedic procedures and programs that will help relieve stress, mental stress, will give health, youth and vitality;

○ Cosmetic procedures and programs using natural oils, Indian cosmetics of plant origin and herbal blends according to ancient oriental recipes.

1. Diagnostics by pulse;

2. Ayurvedic treatments;

3. dietary supplements;

4. Cosmetic Indian natural high quality products;

5. Cosmetic services;

Under the influence of stress and poor lifestyle, we are saturated with harmful substances - slags and toxins. To remove them, we will offer you a comprehensive Panchakarma cleansing system (or "five actions").

Given the current problems of visitors, we have developed programs for the treatment of the following types of diseases: neurological diseases (cerebral palsy, post-stroke condition), diseases of the musculoskeletal system

(arthritis, muscle stiffness, salt deposits), allergic diseases

diseases in the menopausal period.

We also developed socially adapted programs: immunity, anti-stress, weekend, beauty of the bride, slim, happy mother, healthy mother, beautiful mother.


OC "Benaras" (ОЦ "Бенарас")

OC "Benaras" (ОЦ "Бенарас")

• exclusive massages from Indian culture carriers; <br>
• environmentally friendly raw materials and natural cosmetics made in India; <br>
• Doctor of Ayurveda: assistance in the selection of the diet and the day, the course of procedures; <br>
• spices and herbal medicine; <br>
• Supplements, vegetarian goods and souvenirs from India; <br>
• beauty parlor.

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