The Access Bars session is a session of acupressure and energy massage, using 32 points on the head, which are channels of perception and change!

The session takes place, like a regular massage session, you lie, relax, some even fall asleep during the session, because at this time a transformation occurs in your body and subconscious.

What can be influenced during the session:

- money;

- strength;

- beliefs;

- the control;

- creating links;

- youth;

- perception;

- thoughts;

- feelings;

- dreams;

- joy;

- sexuality;

- body;

- communications.

And much more, just imagine that during the session more than 5000 negative beliefs and limiting attitudes are created.

What will you get after the Access Bars session?

1. The installations leave the head, the state of anxiety disappears, sleep normalizes; 2. A positive attitude and fewer thoughts about what you will not succeed; 3. The most common thing that they notice is a charge of energy, a resource state in which everything starts to turn out!

4. Ease, even the most unresolved situations begin to unravel and be resolved in the best way for you. You react easier to situations that previously could annoy and anger you!

5. Unexpected arrivals of money and abundance in your life.

Session last 1-


70% - for the first session


Access Bars Session

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