Hussar's Bar (Цирюльня Гусары)

Moscow, Prospect Mira, 102/34


We welcome everyone in whom the word "barber" echoes a good echo! We are glad to everyone who is for the revival of true traditions in a masculine way! In our opinion, a man is strength and thoroughness, internal and external. The appearance of our guests will be occupied by high-class barbers. Well, and internal strength is, first of all, kindness. Becoming our guest and friend, you are already participating in helping homeless animals and doing real good. The combination of an impeccable look of a hairstyle and beard with a keen heart and kindness - this is our image of a real man! Welcome to our barber shop!


10% - For all barber services
Hussar's Bar (Цирюльня Гусары)

Hussar's Bar (Цирюльня Гусары)

They don’t pour it with us - we just cut it well!

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