Aromastudia "Jasmine" (Аромастудия "Жасмин")

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Aromadiagnosis® - diagnostics of the psycho-emotional state of a person, his needs of the present time and harmonization with the help of natural essential oils - standards of natural vibrations. The cost of 2500 rubles, the duration of 2.5 hours.

Creation of therapeutic perfumes from natural essential oils for the correction of various conditions. The cost of 2000-2500 rubles.

Aromatherapy lymphatic drainage of the body and face® is a method of accelerating metabolic processes in the body, cleansing from toxins and toxins, eliminating edema and cellulite, relieving stress. The cost of 2500 rubles, the duration of 1.5 hours

The main services of the aromatherapy "Jasmine":

Rebalancing - a method of deep work with the body, eliminates pain, clamps and spasms in the body, restores the connection of a person with his own body, a method of deep psychological relief. The cost of 2000 rubles, the duration of 1, 5 h.

Aromapiling ® is a procedure for skin rejuvenation and treatment with natural essential oils. As a result, you will receive a deep cleansing of the skin, acne treatment, moisturizing, rejuvenation, smoothness and elasticity of the skin. The cost of 1500 rubles, the duration of 40 minutes.

A complete list of services of aromatudia can be found on the website: http://jasminstudia.ru

Vkontakte group: https://vk.com/jasminstudia


5% - for basic services
Aromastudia "Jasmine" (Аромастудия "Жасмин")

Aromastudia "Jasmine" (Аромастудия "Жасмин")

I am a laboratory geneticist with 12 years of experience. Being engaged in the human genome, studying its DNA and RNA, I always understood the effectiveness of natural, and therefore genetically related, methods of maintaining health and youth. <br>
Aromatherapy is one such natural, effective and safe method! What I have been doing since 2002. I am glad to help you, and I invite you to the Jasmine Aromastudio.

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