Floating Center "Elysium" (Флоатинг-центр "Элизиум")

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This procedure reduces the level of the stress hormone and increases the amount of endorphins (hormones of happiness). In addition, the state of deep inner silence allows the body to cope with any troubles or diseases.


Floating Center "Elysium" (Флоатинг-центр "Элизиум")

Floating Center "Elysium" (Флоатинг-центр "Элизиум")

The most relaxing procedure in the world is floating, where everyone can plunge into a state of weightlessness, lightness of body and soul. <br>
Floating is called swimming in a specially-equipped float chamber, which is filled with a small layer (25 cm) of a solution of high-salt British salt, warmed to the temperature of the human body.

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