Biodanza School in Moscow (Школа Биоданзы в Москве)

Moscow, Dubninskaya, 22/3


Our dream is to grow Biodanza in Russia - to make it accessible to everyone.

At classes, you get the soft energy of support, humanity, love, openness and friendship, which manifests itself through dance and connects us with something essential, very important and often lost in the modern world.

Simple movements, good music and a band are three factors that make BioDanza possible for everyone.

Biodanza is an effective therapeutic and developmental technique that allows you to come to the healing of the soul with incomparable care and tenderness, pleasure and grace, unobtrusiveness and depth.

It is safe, tested by many years of experience, and also easy for beginners.

Through Music, Dance and Meeting with Others, we create a living experience of an intense positive experience that affects the person’s ability to realize the potential given to him.


10% - open evening classes (once a month)
7% - open seminars (not modules)
Biodanza School in Moscow (Школа Биоданзы в Москве)

Biodanza School in Moscow (Школа Биоданзы в Москве)

BIODANZA is a practice that reveals the potentials of happiness and joy in a person through movement, dance, music and contact with other people. <br />
<br />
Biodanza was created in the 1960s in South America by an anthropologist, psychologist, and also an artist and poet, Rolando Toro. <br />
<br />
Biodanza School in Moscow was established in 2015. <br />
We invite to Russia wonderful leaders and teachers who have been practicing and teaching Biodanza around the world for many years. <br />
<br />
Jade Wepener - Director of the Biodanza School in Russia. <br />

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