Emelyanovskaya Biofactory (Емельяновская Биофабрика )

Dmitrovskoe highway, 71B, 7th floor of 701-706


In the Khvoyninsky district of the Novgorod region, on the banks of the Kabozh River, surrounded by a fabulous coniferous forest, the Emelyanovskaya Biofactory is located. Endless forests, blue skies, clean air, remoteness from industries and large cities are factors that determine the quality of our products.

Proximity to nature determines the nature of the Biofactory and our perception of the world as a whole, living organism, in which all phenomena are interconnected. We strive for naturalness.

Naturalness - "proximity to nature, the essence of man", includes:

• the use of plant products granted to us by nature

• maximum disclosure of the properties of food products through the use of technologies that preserve the maximum useful properties.

• refusal to use artificial preservatives, genetically modified plants.

With the help of our products, we want to enable the urban person to maintain and strengthen communication with Nature, which can give people everything they need for life.

The use of wild and cultivated plants historically consumed by the inhabitants of Russia as products will make it possible to provide a nutritious diet and bring useful diversity to it.

In 2012, the biofactory released its first product - Ivan Tea, a traditional Russian narrow-leaved drink from Cyprus. Now in the assortment of the Biofactory there are about 40 types of Ivan tea with various additives. As well as jams and syrups from wild berries and herbs.


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Emelyanovskaya Biofactory (Емельяновская Биофабрика )

Emelyanovskaya Biofactory (Емельяновская Биофабрика )

Company for the production of Ivan tea, jam from cones, syrups and jams from wild plants.

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