Ayurveda Lanka (Аюрведа Ланка)

Moscow, Baumanskaya, 7 bld. 1


Health Center AYURVEDA LANKA works on Baumanskaya 7 in the Central Administrative District of Moscow. The center combined the knowledge and experience of Ayurveda and modern methods of healing and rejuvenation. Such unity of methods allows to guarantee


Ayurveda Lanka (Аюрведа Ланка)

Ayurveda Lanka (Аюрведа Ланка)

Ayurveda in Moscow. Pulse diagnostics, classical five-mirror diagnostics, workshops and consultations on Ayurveda, any Panchakarma programs, all Ayurvedic procedures and massages from specialists from India and Russia, yoga therapy, cosmetology. <br>

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