Ayurveda Lanka (Аюрведа Ланка)

Moscow, Baumanskaya, 7 bld. 1


Health Center AYURVEDA LANKA works on Baumanskaya 7 in the Central Administrative District of Moscow. The center combined the knowledge and experience of Ayurveda and modern methods of healing and rejuvenation. Such unity of methods allows to guarantee


10%% - for the initial appointment with a specialist and some types of massage
Ayurveda Lanka (Аюрведа Ланка)

Ayurveda Lanka (Аюрведа Ланка)

Ayurveda in Moscow. Pulse diagnostics, classical five-mirror diagnostics, workshops and consultations on Ayurveda, any Panchakarma programs, all Ayurvedic procedures and massages from specialists from India and Russia, yoga therapy, cosmetology. <br>

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