Veganmakaron (VeganMakaron)

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VeganMakaron is a healthy sweets in French. Frederic Maple is a confectioner from France who has worked in the most famous restaurants and pastry shops in his country: Alain Ducasse, Guy Savoy, Pierre Hermé, Lenotre, Bruno de Lorgues.

Today, Frederick proves with his work that you can cook your favorite desserts with the health benefits of the most natural products.

You will not find eggs, dairy products, fats and proteins of animal origin, as well as white sugar in the desserts of VeganMakaron. They are created only from natural and high-quality ingredients, completely by hand, in the best traditions of French confectioneries.


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Veganmakaron (VeganMakaron)

Veganmakaron (VeganMakaron)

VeganMakaron is a healthy sweets from a pastry chef from France. <br />

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