Kenko Pharmacy # 72 (Аптека Kenko #72)

Moscow, Baumanskaya, 7/1


Pharmacy Kenko - a new format of pharmacy space. This is not just a pharmacy. This is an oasis of health in a big city.

We offer:

✧ healthy and organic health supplements;

✧ products for detox and cleansing the body;

✧ superfoods; Unique selection of herbs and teas; ✧ organic cosmetics from around the world; ✧ bar with healthy drinks and snacks4 ✧ stylish space in which you want to delay


5% - Superfoods, organic cosmetics, Bada for maintaining health
Kenko Pharmacy # 72 (Аптека Kenko #72)

Kenko Pharmacy # 72 (Аптека Kenko #72)

Pharmacy Kenko is a smart approach to health (cleansing / proper nutrition / organic cosmetics / medicines) <br />

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