Palace of Health (Дворец Здоровья)

Moscow, Architect Vlasov, 6


The main purpose of the rehabilitation center "Health Palace" is to find and eliminate the root cause of the disease, recuperate the patient.

For the treatment of certain illnesses, classical and alternative methods are used here, an integrated approach is applied, which allows to have a positive impact on the entire body.

In the center, you can restore your eyesight without surgery, visit a kinesiologist, chiropractor, rehabilitation, visceral therapy department, cure flat feet, male and female diseases.

By authoring the doctors of the clinic take classes in the gym, guaranteeing the complete or partial relief of your condition.

The staff of the center consists of experienced, professional specialists, in their free time they are engaged in scientific activities, teach in universities, share their knowledge with students, conduct training seminars for Russian and foreign colleagues. Doctors will make for you an individual program, will help to achieve the desired results.

Rehabilitation Center "Palace of Health" invites you to defeat your diseases, get rid of them


Palace of Health (Дворец Здоровья)

Palace of Health (Дворец Здоровья)

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An integrated approach to the improvement of the body. Techniques used: <br />
- phytotherapy; <br />
- visceral therapy (massage of internal organs); <br />
- osteopathy; <br />
- craniosacral therapy; <br />
- Yumeiotherapy; <br />
- acupuncture; <br />
- hirudotherapy; <br />
- proper nutrition; <br />
- body cleansing, detox program.

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