HOMA Studio



We are a young brand that strives for awareness and sustainable development.

We offer aroma candles, massage candles, concrete coasters, palo santo sticks and gift sets.

For us, the priority is not only the safety of each customer, but also the environment. Therefore, we carefully approach the process and the choice of materials.

Our mission is to combine sustainability, aesthetics and self-love:

Our products do not contain animal products or animal exploitation products.

Industrial waste and materials are handed over for recycling if they cannot be reused.

Natural ingredients that do not contain petroleum products. Completely safe for health.

We see beauty in minimalism, tranquil details and convey it through our products. We want our products to be pleasing and enjoyable not only in their functional purpose. Every touch should be pleasant and we pay attention so that you tactilely feel our care

In a world of haste, eternal affairs and information flow, you just need to take time for yourself. We sincerely believe that only through self-love can you give energy and love back to the world. You don't have to wait for something special to start loving yourself, having fun and seizing the moment of happiness.

This moment is now ♡

Give love to yourself and the world!


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HOMA Studio

HOMA Studio

Local brand of natural candles and home comfort products

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