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Serum and face cream

- excellently moisturizes the skin

- evens out the relief and elasticity of the facial skin

- reduces the depth and number of wrinkles

- cleanses skin cells from accumulated toxins

- reduces dark circles around the eyes, bags under the eyes

To create products, the production laboratory uses only high quality components.

Mode of application:

1. Apply a thin layer of serum in a circular motion to thoroughly cleansed face skin, after 30 minutes apply a booster cream.

2. If after 30 minutes the cream is not completely absorbed, remove the remains with a cotton towel.

3. Do not rinse with water, do not wash your face within 6 hours after the procedure.

4. It is recommended to do it in the evening before going to bed.

Quickly moisturizes the stratum corneum with a mixture of hyaluronic acids of various molecular weights;

Reduces the severity of wrinkles and dark circles in the upper and lower eyelids, due to extracts from Albizia Lankaran and Eastern Sigezbekia;

Reduces the depth and number of wrinkles by accelerating the proliferation of keratinocytes and fibroblasts, increasing the synthesis of glutathione, collagen and hyaluronic acid due to the introduction of urea, Ekosert category betaine, and a lamellar lipid complex into the formula.

Detoxification of skin cells from accumulated toxins and lipofuscins by chemisorption provides carbon bisulfate.

Increases protection against oxidative stress and additional energy, provides taurine from the rare alga Zhania Rubens.

Creates a balance between the formation of new and disintegration of old structures of the dermal matrix, providing elasticity of the skin, is achieved by the introduction of the juice of the leaves of Bulbina shrub category ecocert.


Gluten free


Sugar free


Hydrogen sulfate of carbon, water of lotus flowers, nutritive and blue, extract of the bark of albicia Lenkoran and algae Rubens, magnesium salt of pyrrolidone caronic acid, propanediol, glycerin, darutozide, butylene glycol, sodium carrageenan, mannanose, pentylene glycol, phytaluronic acid, diatomacetic acid propylparaben, propylene glycol, dichlorobenzyl alcohol, phenethyl alcohol, trephyl alcohol.

GOST 31679-2012, volume: 30 ml

Expiration date: 36 months.


5% - for a set of cosmetics


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