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Kidsterra's mission is to take care of motherhood and the world around us. Safety and benefit are what parents want to give to their children first of all, and our products meet these requirements.

TIKIRI - toys for babies from birth from organic rubber and natural cotton: teething, rattles, comforts.

BONIKKA - soft-filled dolls made by hand from natural cotton.

DANTOY - bioplastic play sets for children based on sugar cane.

AZETABIO is organic cosmetics for mothers and babies, which have practically no analogues on the Russian market.


10% - for all products of Tikiri, Dantoy, Azetabio


Premium toys and cosmetics made from natural and safe materials. <br />
Kidsterra is the exclusive distributor of toys from Tikiri (Sri Lanka), Dantoy (Denmark) and organic cosmetics for mothers and babies AZETAbio (Italy).

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