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The idea of ​​KAMALAMPI was born a few years ago in the Peruvian jungle, where, being alone with the wild nature, we learned the true power of plants. Freely communicating in the language of local residents, we managed to learn a lot about the extraordinary healing properties of the fruits of these plants.

We have a special love for the jungle. Therefore, KAMALAMPI owns a plot of land in the heart of Peru, near the town of Iquitos. We built a retreat center there, got to know each farmer personally and selected the best in their field. Several times a year we go to the jungle and personally supervise the whole process of work with the harvest.

We are friends with nature. We constantly strive to develop and improve, to maintain environmental friendliness in work and interaction with partners. We are open to new opportunities and want to continue to introduce the world to super products, amazing in their benefits. We use advanced information technology, business and production management techniques. We are constantly expanding our assortment with proven, high-quality novelties.


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Power Plants from South and North America: Superfoods, Palo Santo, White Sage, and other herbs.

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