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NaturaGrass is an organic microgreen farm.

We are leaders in the cultivation of microgreens in Moscow and the region and

we offer our customers more than 20 varieties of microgreens

Microgreens are young shoots of greens and vegetables, at the stage of the first cotyledonous leaves. At this moment, the entire energy and vitamin potential of the plant passes from the seed to the sprout, therefore, microgreens contain 5-10 times more vitamins and trace elements than an adult plant. Also, microgreens have a brighter and more pronounced taste, and besides, it is very beautiful)

That is why microgreens are rightfully ranked as SUPERFOOD.

The use of microgreens is a new trend in proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

For HoReCa we are ready to provide


10% - microgreens (does not stack with other discounts


NaturaGrass - organic microgreen farm

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